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Quick Response To All Your Needs

It is clear to Kelvin that quick response is important for you to make decisions and solve problems on time.

So for all your inquiries or consultations, Kelvin will reply to you within 6 hours even on weekends to support you in finding perfect bags or making tailored ones for your brands as soon as possible.

In this way you save time and everything goes according to schedule.

Trends Analysis & Design

Kevin boasts a design team who have more than 10 years' experience in the bag industry and are professional in analyzing current trends.

So if you have no idea about the design of your custom bags, we will help you by sharing our stylish bags for inspiration and analyzing the trends among your target groups.

Besides, if you have specific needs, we are also able to produce designs that meet all your requirements

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Sample Making

Before mass production, we will firstly make a sample for you to check in person and see if the bag is really made in accordance to your expectations.

Then additional requirements and revisions could be made in time if necessary, and you will get the bags you really want.

Efficient Manufacturing

Thanks to advanced machines and skilled workers, the whole production can always be completed efficiently in 30 days, which is much shorter than the lead time of other bag manufacturers.

Therefore, you can replenish your stock in time, avoiding loss caused by shortage of products.

And you can get the upper hand over your competitors in the market by getting bags earlier.

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Various Options For Packaging

We will offer you free PE bags for packaging, and if needed, two more packaging options are also available.

• Stuffing: If you want to maintain the shape of your bags, then this is the best option.

• Individual packaging: The best way to upgrade your bags.

After-sale Policy

Kelvin Bag takes pride in the high quality of our products which has so far brought us 100% satisfaction from our customers.

However, if there is any quality problem within 12 months after sales, which is rare, we promise compensation or other satisfactory solutions in the next order.

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