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  • Lunch Bag
  • Insulated Backpack
  • Koozie Cans Holder

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Functional & Reusable Cooler Bags

For consumers, the main concerns for cooler bags are their function and convenience. Therefore, Kelvin Bag endeavors to improve the insulation ability of our bags and provide bags in handy sizes.

cooler bag made of aluminum foil featured with insulated function


According to the results of function tests, the insulation effect of cooler bags manufactured in Kelvin can last for over 8 hours with aluminum foil interior.

  • portable bags with convenient handles and straps


    In handy sizes, our cooler bags are specially designed as lunch bags with convenient handles or straps, allowing the users to have at least one hand free when walking.

  • recycled rPET fabric


    Mainly made of recycled fabrics like rPET, every cooler bag will consume minimal resources and be reusable, which is harmless and helpful for the environment and society.

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