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Before Production:
Serious Material Selection

The quality of bags depends on the quality of materials, especially the fabrics.

To ensure the durability and good experience of bag users, the cloth used for bag making in Kelvin should be

• Odorless

• Wearproof

• Water-resistent

• High in color fastness

Besides, several inspections and tests will be carried out for environment protection and safety concerns.

  • RoHS Test
  • Flammability Test

Quality Vendors For Quality Assurance

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In Process:
Excellent Craftsmanship With High Efficiency

Excellent Craftsmanship By Skilled Workers

For pleasant appearance and normal function of your bags, nice craftsmanship is required.

Most of the sewers in Kelvin have been working here for more than 5 years, mastering all kinds of sewing skills and sewing machines to make their stitches even and beautiful.

All the force bearing points of your bags will get reinforced by bar tacking to improve their weight bearing capacity as containers, which is cared by the end consumers.

skilled workers saw the fabrics by machine

Advanced Machines For Better Quality

Branded facilities are applied to ensure the quality with higher efficiency.

  • Cloth cutting: Laser cutting machines are applied to guaranttee the high accuracy.
  • Sewing: Brother electronic and computerized machines with 80 decorative stitches add brilliance to fine craftsmanship with higher speed, precise work and multiple functions.
  • Printing: Silk printing machines and digital printing machines will be used according to the features of the cloth for beautiful and long-lasting printing results.
brother electronic and computerized machines
cloth cutting by laser cutting machine
peopel are sawing cloth

Final Inspection:
Careful With Outgoing Quality Control

To avoid undetected malfunctions, there will be 100 percent cosmetic and function inspections in every detail before delivery, so that all your requirements for the quality of your bags could be met.
In case you find any bag defects on your side, we are open to negotiation about solutions.

  • check the quality of package

    Quantity Checking

    The quantity of bags will be checked with care to avoid the influence on your business caused by shortage of products.

  • cosmetic inspection

    Cosmetic Inspection

    Beside color checking, we will find if there are creases, loose threads, scratches and stains to ensure the good appearance of bags.

  • insulated function inspection for cooler bag

    Function Inspection

    If necessary, the carrying capacity of bags and insulation effect of cooler bags will also be tested to make sure that they function well as required.

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